Vanessa – She Set Interview…

1. What is the She Set?

The She Set are a collective of girls who enjoy playing their records. As their is seven of us we all have very varied music taste, we play anything from the roaring 20’s up to current bands like Electricity in our homes or Hatcham Social. We also have a monthly club night called The Sect, the good thing about The Sect is that we really don’t focus on one type one type of genre, our guests can play anything from classical up to rock and roll. We also have bands performing every month. Next month we have Miss Something (sounds like Stereolab meets My Bloody Valentine but only better) and Le Tetsuo who have just signed to Parlour records should be a great night.

2. What is the future?

Umm…maybe building a She Set corporation…don’t really know I tend to live by the present.

3. What is Original Sins?

Original Sins is the beginning of an empire, their latest collection has been influenced by neither less than the birth of Christianity and Constantine the first Christian roman emperor mixed with current street mentality. And that really just says it all.


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