Benn from Ulterior interview

1239663144_l.jpgWe asked Benn from Ulterior a few question….here is what he had to say:

1. What is Ulterior?

Ulterior is reaction to the bland music we’re force fed by TV, radio, adverts, media etc etc… the boundaries we’re forced to live by and supposed to accept aren’t acceptable. We’re bored of it. I mean, most bands are a reaction to something but I think what we’re reacting to, alot of other people are feeling the same way, bored and frustrated. People want more, we really believe that, we have to. There’s definitley an insurrection within the industry on the horizon, and we’ll continue to do what we’ve always done; making amazing 3 minute electronic, drum machine guitar music, if that’s how you want to pigeon-hole it? We are music you want to buy and a band you wanna put on your bedroom wall. We’ll never change trying to do that.

2. What is the future?

Building a studio, making music. I don’t want to look any further than that. Maybe a Black Volvo.

3. What is Original Sins?

It’s too early to pin down, but we’ve know the boys for years now, they’re the same as us except we got our shit together earlier than they did and we’re 1 year ahead… It’s a gang of mates making something from nothing. Street mentality man. It’s essentially the same answer as question 1.


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