What’s your worst!!!

So I asked a group of my closest friends what they thought their worst sins were. Promising under strictest confidence that I would never reveal their names to the sin.

Mine was that I’ve got that new Brittney Spears song on my ipod…Now that’s a sin!!!

Lust: A long term girl friend waits patiently for her traveling boyfriend (me) who in return plays around with some beautiful women on his travels only to ‘dump’his long term girl friend on his return because of the joy of his hedonistic and lustful behaviors but gives his girl friend no justifying reason. He walks out and doesn’t speak to her again for 5 years.

Greed: Working for a good company that offered a good wage and flexibility for a young man during his studies I found myself concocting various plans to steal large amounts of clothes from the shop I worked at. However, instead of ‘doing the dirty work myself’ manipulated a colleague who was not so bright to take the clothes out of the shop at the end of each day to avoid detection myself. Where as I earned vast sums of money selling the clothes the person that actually stole them I passed the odd jumper or T Shirt as thanks. After all, at the time I was the ‘mastermind’. Or so I thought. Luckily nobody got caught.

Gluttony: Here is a funny one for you. For at least 1 year in my late teens I was living between two homes and spent most of my time with an old childhood friend who lived elsewhere. All three homes were family homes. On many a Sundays I would find myself eating a roast lunch as you do with my own family. Except later on a Sunday afternoon I would visit my ‘second home’ for another full roast. Not being content with two roast dinners of an afternoon it became comical that I would then meet my old friend for dinner.

And yes, his nan’s Sunday roast in the evening made it my third. Three roasts a day will not keep the pounds away.



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